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“The husband did it” 20oz tumbler

“The husband did it” 20oz tumbler

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Introducing our 20oz Stainless Steel Double Walled Tumbler – a chilling and captivating tribute to the world of true crime, designed to satisfy the cravings of every true crime enthusiast.

Design: This tumbler dives deep into the realm of true crime with its gripping design. Against a shadowy black background, you'll discover haunting blood splotches that set the mood for a thrilling experience. At the centre of the design, a crystal ball ominously proclaims, "The Husband Did It," adding an air of mystery and intrigue. Crime scene tape winds its way around the tumbler, hinting at untold stories, while a tombstone boldly states, "True Crime Junkie," proudly showcasing your passion for all things enigmatic and macabre. It's a design that captures the essence of the genre and is sure to ignite conversations among fellow true crime aficionados.

Material: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this tumbler offers not only a chilling aesthetic but also unparalleled durability. The double-walled construction ensures that your beverages maintain their desired temperature, whether it's a hot coffee to fuel your late-night investigations or a cold drink to quench your thirst during a thrilling podcast episode. The stainless steel material is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear, making it a dependable companion for your true crime journeys.

Convenience: Designed for ease of use, this tumbler includes a compatible reusable straw, allowing you to enjoy your drinks with minimal effort. The 20oz capacity is perfect for holding ample servings of your preferred beverages, and it fits conveniently in most car cup holders. The secure lid ensures that your drinks remain spill-free, whether you're discussing cold cases at home or on the go.


  • 20oz capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double-walled insulation
  • Gripping true crime theme design
  • Spill-resistant lid
  • Reusable straw included
  • Fits most cup holders
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Unleash your inner detective and embrace your fascination with the enigmatic world of true crime with our 20oz Stainless Steel Double Walled Tumbler. Whether you're diving into the details of unsolved mysteries or sharing theories with fellow enthusiasts, this tumbler is your perfect companion, combining chilling aesthetics with practical functionality. It's more than just a drinkware item; it's a testament to your love for the dark and mysterious.


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